Friday, August 11, 2017

"Dixon Chicks" SOLD

Well, for some reason this is my all time favorite..I went to Dixon to paint lilacs and couldn't find any that were maybe I trespassed but I explored around and ah.laah!!  Wow!!  An irrestisable vista..oh the joys of that!  Great Day!

"Dixon Land"

A little old town south of Taos, Dixon is filled with many painting options.  You could spent a whole day here and not run out of ideas....because I love the run down old stuff....I painted this old homestead.

"Bloom N Shine" SOLD

In tribute to the beautiful gardens at the Blumenschein Museum in here in Toas, I did this painting.  A little bit overgrown over the years, it's still a great place to capture the spirit of Taos and it's founding fellow artists who loved to work here.

"Winter in Hondo"

Well...I like to go on drives onto roads I've never been on before and try to get a little bit "lost?"  Anyway I was driving and snapping pics and I chose this scene to paint just because of all of the slush and mud and feeling happy for whoever lives here because despite the's a beautiful homestead!

"Capricorn Moon"

There was a so called "Capricorn Moon" happening and when I went outside I could see this amazing glow coming from my neighbor's house and I was captivated to catch it.  There was snow on the ground and everything seemed to glow in the night.

"Valle Escondido Pond"

Kevin McPherson is a famous artist who has a home up in the mountains with a view of this alpine forest and awesome pond.  I have painted here many times and am always in "awe".

"Fall Foliage in El Salto" SOLD

Fall is really bright here with all of the cottonwood trees turning yellow..everywhere!!  Not to mention the chamisa!  I was on my way to the Ski Valley to paint but stopped miles before because I saw this view.