Wednesday, November 9, 2016

"Ranchos Plaza Lilacs" SOLD

I was on a mission this particular day to paint the Ranchos Church...but when I turned and looked behind me I couldn't resist the lilacs blooming outside of the Plaza Grill.

9" x 12"  original oil painting  $250.00

"Seco Church" SOLD

Have painted this old church many times before and many more times to come!  This piece found a new home right here in Taos during the Studio Tour...I also was commissioned to paint "La Copilla", another old church just south of here.

12" x 12"  original oil painting  $200.00

"View from John Dunn Bridge" SOLD

This painting was basically a "study" for another piece but found a new home regardless over the Labor Day weekend Studio Tour.

"Morning on the Rim"

I painted this painting from the visitor's center just across the gorge bridge..early morning.  There were a bunch of big horned sheep there as well checking me (and my painting friends) out.  Took photos of them and will some day do another painting and paint them in!

14" x 18"  original oil painting  $550.00

"Turquoise Trail Church" SOLD

I guess I have a thing for painting old churches around this area.  This painting found a loving home in Nashville, Tennessee recently.  A nice little memory of a trip to the southwest.

11" x 14"  original oil painting  $350.00

"Bent Street Winter"

I painted this from a photograph I took one crazy cold morning on my way to work at The Bent Street Deli..I kind of got a "warm feeling" from how the sun was heating up the adobe walls.

11" x 14" original oil painting  $350.00

"Embudo River Willows"

Another typical scene in the winter, especially when driving near a river...I have a lot of fun painting snow scenes but when you can add the "splash" of red willows?  Well, it's almost better than Christmas!

11" x 14"  original oil painting  $350.00