Wednesday, January 31, 2018

"Path to Pilar"

If you look very closely you will see a tiny little path off in the canyon...this used to be a road that you could drive to get to Pilar (a little south of Taos).  The road got washed out a few years ago but you can still hike it. 

18" x 24"  original oil painting  $950.00

"Purple Sage II (at sunset)

I have painted this painting before only it was much smaller and more abstract.  An "admirer" saw it and asked if it could be painted again larger and possibly with sunset colors added into the sky.  This was actually a very fun project to work on and I'm really happy with the outcome!

16" x 20" original oil painting  $750.00

"Along the Rio Pueblo"

Another winter willow painting...I can't help myself....seem to sneak one in every winter.  There's hardly any snow this year but the willows along the rivers are doing their "red" thing regardless.

11" x 14"  original oil painting  $350.00

"San Cristobal Corner"

Live on location is what it's all about!
This summer I entered my first ever plein air painting event!  First day we were at Wild Rivers which I will post that one later, and the second day was our choice..always wanted to paint this old house and so that's where I went...painted alongside another painter from Minnesota. 

11" x 14"  original oil painting  $350.00

"Abiquiu View"

This su,mmer I was able to get away for a few days and camp along the Chama River down in Abiquiu, which is where Georgia O' Keefe lived and loved to paint..  No wonder - there's endless inspiration!  This scene was literally right outside the tent window.

9"" x 12"  original oil painting  $250.00

"Dixon Blossoms"

It's always a pleasure to be invited to paint at Marilyn and Dave's house along the river in Rinconada (just south of Taos).  I can't remember a year where there were so many blossoms on her fruit trees - for once they weren't "zapped" by a spring frost.

9" x 12"  original oil painting  $250.00

Friday, August 11, 2017

"Dixon Chicks" SOLD

Well, for some reason this is my all time favorite..I went to Dixon to paint lilacs and couldn't find any that were maybe I trespassed but I explored around and ah.laah!!  Wow!!  An irresistable vista..oh the joys of that!  Great Day!